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4 July 2019 - Openreach has advised us that properties on the A37 and B3153 should be ready to take orders by 8 August; and properties in West Lydford will be ready for orders by 25 July.

5 June 2019 - East Lydford fibre commissioned, residents able to order FTTP service.

3 June 2019 - Foddington fibre commissioned, residents able to order FTTP service.

13 April 2019 - work continues with planned road closures and traffic management in order to replace defective poles and complete overhead cabling.  This work will continue into June.

15 March 2019 - The major spine fibre which will ultimately feed our area is complete but there is still underground and overhead cabling to be completed, plus a few poling jobs that will require road closures and associated traffic management.
There has been a great deal of Openreach activity in both West and East Lydford recently, with engineers also working in the approaches to Foddington.  Fibre cables and connection points are being installed on many telegraph poles.  Some poles are not safe and need to be replaced.
Openreach have confirmed that there have been delays in getting the necessary road closures and traffic management systems approved by the Highways Department, and this is likely to result in a delay to the completion of the contract.

10 Feb 2019 - There has been a great deal of obvious Openreach activity in West Lydford with fibre cables and connection points being installed on the telegraph poles.  We understand that Openreach will shortly be continuing these operations in East Lydford and Foddington.

6 Jan 2019 - Fibre has started being installed in High St, West Lydford.  A number of poles have reels of fibre ready to be connected, and some poles have been equipped with terminals.

14 Nov 2018 - Target amount has been reached, thanks to all contributors!  The majority of the works so far have been focussed on underground work to Castle Cary and in the next few weeks we expect to see a number of faulty telegraph poles replaced.  We have been assured by Openreach that they are still firmly on track to have the work completed before the contracted completion date of May 2019.

16 Sept 2018 - Openreach update:-

Following our email a few weeks ago we thought we'd get back in touch as we near completion of the survey stage, then we'll soon be releasing work instructions to our contractors to commence the 'build' phase.

You may be interested to know that during the build stage of an FTTP installation, the fibre cable is ran from a head end in the exchange to an aggregation node that takes capacity to a local area. It then connects to a splitter node using a tree and branch approach. From the splitter nodes fibre cables are fed to the new connectorised blocks which can be located overhead on telegraph poles or installed in underground footway boxes. The connectorised block then feeds individual premises.
28 July 2018 - Openreach have sent us an update:-
Following my email a few weeks ago about progress with your Community Fibre Partnership I wanted to share more information as we remain on track. The early stages of the fibre delivery process have been completed, our surveyors have checked the blueprints from the design to your community, to make sure that what looks good on paper works in the real world. Our planning and design teams are now progressing with the critical design and survey stage of your fibre delivery / infrastructure and shortly will be building the work instructions for the delivery teams in order to enter the build phase of the programme.

To recap, your new fibre infrastructure will be due to be live around a year from the date of the signed contract.

21 Jun 2018 - Openreach engineer in West Lydford, doing survey work.  Article about the project published in Western Gazette.

8 Jun 2018 - Openreach have sent us the following message -

We've now put requests out for our contractors to commence survey activity. At the survey stage, we take the blueprints from the design to your community, and check that what looks good on paper works in the real world. Our surveyor needs to check that there's enough space alongside all the existing utilities underground for our new cables, and whether there's enough space to accommodate the equipment. They'll also need to determine things like whether any road closures are needed to install fibre and, if so, apply to the local authority for road traffic management, traffic lights etc. They'll work closely with your local authority as need be, to make sure fibre is installed safely and with the minimum of disruption to local people.

Just so you know, when our engineers conduct the survey they won't need to contact you about doing it.

We'll get back in touch within the next couple of months with more information and updates about your community's fibre build.

With kindest regards

Openreach have also sent us a Glossary of broadband terms you may find useful.

5 June 2018 - Press release from Openreach

15 May 2018 - Contract signed!

21 Apr 2018 - Grey Dogs at the Parish Hall

Thank you to everyone who attended, bought raffle tickets, and bought drinks - it all helps.  And thank you to the Grey Dogs who put on an impressive show running to about 1hour 30mins, and also thanks to the Fundraisers who organised and ran the event and provided the food - it's very much appreciated!

20 Feb 2018 - Meeting with Openreach, BT grant confirmed as 30,000.

07 Jan 2018 - website goes live, funding launched

11 Dec 2017 - New offer received from Openreach

1 Dec 2017 - Meeting with Dave Linton Openreach Programme Manager, to agree area and properties to be covered and a drive round the area to check accuracy.

25 Nov 2017 - Email to residents asking for pledges

23 Nov 2017 -Meeting with Shaun Dale, Openreach Programme Director

6 Nov 2017 - New offer letter from Openreach received, but needs clarification of properties covered

21/22 July 2017 - Open day in the Parish Hall