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15 March 2019 - fibre installation in E & W Lydford continues - latest

Press release by Openreach

There has been a great deal of Openreach activity in both West and East Lydford recently, with engineers also working in the approaches to Foddington.Fibre cables and connection points are being installed on many telegraph poles.
Some poles are not safe and need to be replaced.

Work is imminent in various areas requiring road closures and traffic management activities.

We signed the contract with Openreach to bring FTTP to Lydford and Foddington back in May 2018.  It will provide an ultrafast future-proof system that is not reliant on the ageing copper wires with their unreliability and potential for crosstalk.

The Directors would like to thank all the contributors to the project as the target amount has now been reached.

We have now raised sufficient funds to make our contract payments to Openreach, but we still have to maintain a contingency fund to pay for administrative expenses (such as fees for accountancy services and Companies House procedures), so while we are not actively fund-raising we welcome donations from residents to help us to cover these extra costs to the project.


When will the system be up and running?

The contract provides for completion within 12 months from signing, so May 2019.

How will the project be managed?

One of our company directors is in touch regularly with the Openreach project manager and will be closely monitoring progress.  The project is one of the largest  Community Fibre Partnerships and has high visibility at senior levels within Openreach.

I have another question...

Please see our FAQs If you want to have a chat with someone, have a look here.

And finally...

We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to all our contributing residents and local businesses, to the supporting volunteers, to Lydford Fundraisers, to Lydford Parish Council and Babcary Parish Council, and to the supporting grant bodies.

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